Farther Thomas Nahimana

President of the Rwandan government in exile

Father Thomas Nahimana is the founder of the Ishema Party and President of the Rwandan government in exile from February 20th, 2017. He was born in 1971 and priested in 1999. He lives in France.
Motto and Passion
To reconcile Rwandans as a foundation of sustainable development of Rwanda.
To detest social injustices and give equal opportunities with his heart and strength to all Rwandans is the backbone of his political calling. His work
Isinijuru Tv and Le Prophete.fr as a tool of community education about democracy, peace, reconciliation, and mutual help among Rwandans.
Praying and Singing

Meet Our Team

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Mr. Justin Safari

Minister of security

Ms. Marine Uwimana

Minister of Finance, Economy and Trade


Minister of Justice

Ms. Félicité Mwemayire

Minister of Truth, Peace and Rehabilitation of the Rwandan people

Ms. Flora Karenzi

Minister of Information and Communication

Ms. Marie-Médiatrice Ingabire

Ministry of Health, Youth and Sport

Mr. Joseph Nahayo

Minister of Local Government and Community Development

Jeanne Mukamurenzi

Minister in charge of the repatriation of refugees and eradication of the causes leading to flee the country

Umuhango wo Gushyiraho Guverinoma Nshya

Umuhango wo Gushyiraho Guverinoma Nshya