Minister of Justice

Minister of Justice
He was born in 1975, married and father of 4 children. With a degree in law and legal practices, he has extensive professional experience in the judiciary system.
His motto is essentially based on unity, truth and reconciliation for Rwandans and justice for all without discrimination of any kind.
As former career judge in the Judiciary of Rwanda, he witnessed the numerous injustices experienced by Rwandans of all categories. In fact, justice instead of being rendered in the name of the people, it is rendered according to the will of a single home, and the legislation in force has been replaced by his instructions, which means that the truth, justice and peace are becoming rare in Rwanda.
This situation motivated him to join the Government of Rwandan people in exile in order to fight together with its team and collaborators for the rights and justice of Rwandans under oppression, and to restore Rwanda to a state of rule of law, where all Rwandans are equal before the law, without discrimination of any kind.

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